The Tire Testing team consists of test drivers with engineering background and decades of experience in tire testing as subjective evaluations and objective measurements. Assessment of tire performances can be executed in summer (wet & dry tracks) and winter (snow & ice) conditions.

Tires Testing can rely on a European network of consolidated suppliers for test stuffs outfitting such as test tracks, vehicles, rims, electronic equipment, etc. 

According to test procedures, the test cars can be equipped with high precision GPS devices (2 cm positional accuracy) and CAN-BUS interfaces for vehicle sensors signals acquisition (steering angle, throttle position, brake pedal pressure, wheels speeds, etc.).

The team is able to provide tire developers with a full package of testing services being flexible to adapt to all kinds of testing needs. ADAS validation tests (Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Collision Mitigation, Blind Spot Detection, etc) are included in the services portfolio.

All the above with a full guarantee of info confidentiality and results reliability.