Testing is very important part of tire development process. Benchmark tests indicate tire performance compared to the other brands, while development tests show the performance differences of prototype versions. Test results are tools for tire developers to make sure that the product meets the desired performance targets.

Tires Testing can offer wide range of tests, for example objective tests like braking and acceleration tests, aquaplaning, noise measurements and subjective handling tests. We are using proven and reliable measurement equipment continuously monitoring the quality and reliability of test results.

Test are performed on wet & dry asphalt or snow & ice tracks for winter/all season tires. Our standard test procedures meet the main tire industry requirements but they can be customized basing on client specifications. A wide knowledge of main european magazines allows to evaluate tires in this perspective.

We can offer many special tests, for example wet braking for Wet Grip Index assignment or pass-by exterior noise for sound wave indication on tire labeling as per Regulation 117.

In addition, we can offer performance tests also for TBR and OTR tires.